NAFLD as a metabolic disease, a review

A systematic literature review to identify recent epidemiological, biomarker, genetic and clinical evidence that expands our understanding of NAFLD as a metabolic disorder was performed by B. Cariou et al. (Inserm, CNRS, France). It appears that here is a growing body of evidence on the links between NAFLD/NASH pathogenesis and mechanisms of metabolic dysfunction…
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Pharmacotherapy in NAFLD/NASH

This review by SL Attia et al. (University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA) summarises emerging pharmacotherapies for the treatment of adult and paediatric NAFLD. Investigated pharmacotherapies include lanifibranor (IVA337), an indole sulfonamide PPAR agonist that activates….
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Ethnicity and diversity in NAFLD

Globally, the rise in prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome as a whole has been linked to increased access to processed foods, such as refined sugars and saturated fats. Consequently, NAFLD is on the rise in both developed and developing nations.
This review by MAT Han et al…
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