International Doctors present their findings via video on the NASH and NAFLD epidemic on this free-to-access NASH content library.


5Th Global Nash Congress

This slides set presents a detailed review of vascular alterations in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and NASH cirrhosis delivered by Professor Francque, MD, PhD. He highlights that non-fibrotic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is accompanied by a significant rise in portal pressure. Professor Francque, also explains the effects of intrahepatic vascular resistance increase in NAFLD. To the clinicians, he provides various patient studies, statistics and clinical data on the subject.
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Cancers and NASH

Dr. Jean-François Dufour (Switzerland) reviews the association between cancers and NASH, where he highlights the causes of death in NAFLD patients, in which cardiovascular diseases and non-liver cancer with 38.3% and 18.7% are identified as some of the major causes.
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Imaging biomarkers in NAFLD: Could they avoid liver biopsy

There is a need for new biomarkers that allow the detection and quantification of liver diseases supported on the measurement of fat, iron, fibrosis, inflammation. Dr Romero-Gomez presents a state-of-the-art video on imaging biomarkers with the pros and cons for each technology. For daily practice, he also suggests a diagnosis algorithm
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Prof. G Rosano

The prevalence, risks and costs of NASH

NASH is associated with cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular mortality. Prof Rosano, UK discusses the prevalence, risks and economic costs of NAFLD and NASH. He sheds lights on the risk of obesity that induces many changes. He also reviews countries with higher prevalence, age characteristics and the incidence and progression of the disease
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NAFLD: a hegemonic disease by Prof. S. Francque

In this Expert perspective video, Prof Sven Francque explains how to make the distinction between NAFL and NASH. This is important even though in clinical practice there is a continuum between the two. In the pathophysiology of NASH there is a complex interplay between different organs. Adipose tissue dysfunction is an important driver of disease.
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