🎙️ Podcast Version Imaging biomarkers in NAFLD: Could they avoid liver biopsy

🎙️ podcast version

Imaging biomarkers in NAFLD: Could they avoid liver biopsy

There is a need for new biomarkers that allow the detection and quantification of liver diseases supported on the measurement of fat, iron, fibrosis, inflammation. Dr Romero-Gomez presents a state-of-the-art video on imaging biomarkers with the pros and cons for each technology. For daily practice, he also suggests a diagnosis algorithm

The diagnosis of NASH is critically important for clinical trials and clinical practice. Today, the gold standard to diagnose NASH is a liver biopsy, as it’s the most complete diagnostic solution allowing clinicians to study key characteristics of the disease. But it has limitations. Liver biopsies require significant expertise both to perform but also to interpret the results. Biomarkers could play an important role and imaging biomarkers (transient elastography and shear-wave) plus MRI techniques allow assessment of liver damage in NAFLD with high diagnostic accuracy.


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Dr Romero Gomez

Dr. Manuel Romero Gómez is a renowned hepatology expert and Full-Professor of Medicine at the University of Seville, Spain. As the Chief of the Digestive Diseases Department at Virgen del Rocío University Hospitals, he leads significant research projects in liver diseases. With over 340 publications and numerous awards, Dr. Romero Gómez is a prominent figure in the field of gastrointestinal and liver diseases.


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