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NASH covers a wide spectrum of disease severity and NAFLD is increasingly common worldwide ☂ and has become the principal cause of chronic liver disease.

MAFLD or NAFLD: reasons and relevance of a single-letter change

Authors: Yilmaz Y, Byrne CD, Musso G.
Published in Expert Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2021
Recently, a consensus recommended 'metabolic (dysfunction) associated fatty liver disease' as a more appropriate name to describe fatty liver disease associated with metabolic dysfunction (MAFLD). This single-letter change in the NAFLD acronym suggests that the old acronyms should be abandoned...
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Prevalence of NAFLD and MAFLD in the US population

Authors: Ciardullo S, Perseghin G.
Published in Liver Int 2021
S. Ciardullo et G. Perseghin (Policlinico di Monza, and University of Milano Bicocca, Italy) performed a cross-sectional study of adults recruited in the 2017-2018 NHANES Survey, a representative sample of the general US population, in order to determine the prevalence of NAFLD, MAFLD and associated advanced fibrosis in the US population...
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Authors: Lonardo A.
Published in J Clin Med 2021
Our understanding of fatty liver syndromes and their relationship with the metabolic syndrome has improved over recent decades and, paralleling this, we are now at the dawn of the NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) to MAFLD (metabolic-associated fatty liver disease) transition. The pitfalls of NAFLD diagnosis...
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From NAFLD to MAFLD: a premature change in terminology

Authors: Younossi ZM, Rinella ME, Sanyal AJ, et al.
Published in Hepatology 2021
Despite the substantial gains in our understanding of NAFLD/NASH over the past 2 decades, there has been some dissatisfaction with the terminology “non-alcoholic” which overemphasises “alcohol” and underemphasises the predisposing metabolic risk factors. The term MAFLD is still suboptimal, leaving a great deal of ambiguity...
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NAFLD as a metabolic disease, a review

Authors: Cariou B, Byrne CD, Loomba R, et al.
Published in Diabetes Obes Metab 2021
A systematic literature review to identify recent epidemiological, biomarker, genetic and clinical evidence that expands our understanding of NAFLD as a metabolic disorder was performed by B. Cariou et al. (Inserm, CNRS, France). It appears that here is a growing body of evidence on the links between NAFLD/NASH pathogenesis and mechanisms of metabolic dysfunction...
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Imaging biomarkers of NAFLD, NASH, and fibrosis

Authors: Ajmera V, Loomba R.
Published in Mol Metab 2021
Globally, liver biopsy remains the reference standard for staging NAFLD severity. To diagnose NAFLD and quantify liver fat, MRI proton density fat fraction may be more informative than liver biopsy. In this review, V. Ajmera and R. Loomba (University of California, USA) critically examine the use...
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Lean NAFLD: a distinct entity

Authors: Chen F, Esmaili S, Rogers GB, et al.
Published in Hepatology 2020
A significant subset of patients with NAFLD are lean, but the underlying pathophysiology in this group is poorly understood. F. Chen et al. (Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney, Australia) investigated the pathogenesis of lean NAFLD in a cohort of Caucasian patients with biopsy proven disease, and in experimental murine models...
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MAFLD: A Consensus-Driven Proposed Nomenclature for Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease

Authors: Eslam M, Sanyal AJ, George J, et al.
Published in Gastroenterology 2020
The exclusion of other chronic liver diseases including “excess” alcohol intake are usually necessary to establish a diagnosis of metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD). However, “positive criteria” to diagnose the disease are required. A panel of international experts from 22 countries...
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