Prof Kenneth Cusi, USA discusses the role of diabetologists in screening for NASH

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So the diabetologists are recognizing that they have to do more to combat NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). Slowly but surely they realize their patients with type 2 diabetes have fatty liver and we know that 2 out of 3 patients with type 2 diabetes have a fatty liver. From our studies in the past 15 years, perhaps as many as 40% have NASH. Some large studies have shown if you’re screening a patient with diabetes with a fatty liver, about 15% – 18% have fibrosis stage 2 or greater. This is a big problem which has been recognized, but the number of initiatives to educate diabetologists in the United States and across the world have increased so I’m sure they will turn this around very fast.

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Prof. Kenneth Cusi

Prof. Kenneth Cusi

Dr. Cusi is a Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at The University of Florida at Gainesville (2011-present). He is also a faculty and researcher at the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Division at the Veterans Administration Medical Center at...



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