🎙️ Podcast Version Pre-clinical study with Lanifibranor – Prof Gracia-Sancho

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Pre-clinical study with Lanifibranor – Prof Gracia-Sancho

Prof Gracia-Sancho, Spain, discusses his oral presentation at the Liver meeting 2019 in Boston and the reasons why PPAR agonists could be a very valuable therapeutic option for the treatment of advanced chronic liver disease.

Here at the liver meeting 2019, we gave an oral presentation summarizing our discoveries on the application of lanifibranor in Ahpra clinical model of chronic liver disease in this study, we use animals / rats with advanced chronic liver disease decompensated cirrhosis that received lanifibranor during two weeks. After this period of treatment we analyzed the hepatic and systemic hemodynamics and we checked different key concepts, key pathophysiological concepts of the disease including which were the effects of lanifibranor on fibrosis, hepatic  microcirculation, endothelial cells and inflammation. 

Results of using Lanifibranor 

The results of these preclinical studies show that two weeks of lanifibranor improves hepatic hemodynamics. We observed a 14% reduction in portal pressure in those animals receiving the treatment in comparison to the vehicle group,and this was not due to a reduction of blood inflow but a reduction in the intrahepatic vascular resistance. So suggesting that the treatment was improving the cells of the hepatic sinusitis; indeed when we analyze different markers of a pathogenic cell activation, endothelial cells function to cover cells with pro-inflammatory phenotype. We observe a global improvement in all the markers of all sinusoidal cells. Finally liver tests also reinforce the concept and we observe a reduction in transaminase in those animals that receive lanifibranor. Although this is a preclinical study, it further suggests that PPAR agonists may be a good therapeutic option for patients with chronic liver disease and portal hypertension.

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Prof. Gracia Sancho


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