🎙️ Podcast Version NIT for screening, referral & diagnosis of NAFLD

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NIT for screening, referral & diagnosis of NAFLD

Liver fibrosis is the major driver in liver disease progression. Prof. Romero-Gómez, Spain, reviews on NoninvasiveTests - NITs for screening, referral, and diagnosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Prof. Romero-Gómez, Spain, addresses the EASL clinical practice guidelines on non-invasive tests for evaluation of liver disease severity and prognosis (a 2021 update). Further, he reviews the detection methods of fibrosis and emphasizes on the importance of introducing educational and communication tools to increase awareness.

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Dr Romero Gomez

Dr. Manuel Romero Gómez is a renowned hepatology expert and Full-Professor of Medicine at the University of Seville, Spain. As the Chief of the Digestive Diseases Department at Virgen del Rocío University Hospitals, he leads significant research projects in liver diseases. With over 340 publications and numerous awards, Dr. Romero Gómez is a prominent figure in the field of gastrointestinal and liver diseases.


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