Prof Jean-François Dufour highlights why the Liver meeting 2019 in Boston is relevant for NASH investigators with presentations of new modes of action and non-invasive biomarkers.

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This liver meeting in 2019 is quite interesting for those who are investigating NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) like me, because you have results regarding makers with interesting mechanism of action like inhibition of non-mainstream drugs that we heard about in previous years so we are seeing new mechanism of action tested with the molecules and phase 2 results which I feel might be interesting, given the field is moving towards the direction of combination. There are also a lot of presentations about biomarkers, non-invasive biomarkers to diagonal slash and the histology of these patients and also to many other treatments which is a very important aspect for the future of when we want to increase the number of patients we treat.

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Prof. Francois Dufour

Prof. Francois Dufour

Prof. Jean-François Dufour studied mathematics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and received his medical degree from the Geneva Medical School. After training in internal medicine at the University Hospital Geneva and the University Hospital Bern, he joined the laboratory of Professor



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