🎙️ Podcast Version NASH is Part of a Multi-System Disorder

🎙️ podcast version

NASH is Part of a Multi-System Disorder

Prof Sanyal, USA, reminds us that NAFLD is the most common liver disease and reviews the comorbidities associated with NAFLD, and particularly the association with cardiovascular disease.

NAFLD and NASH are now being considered a multisystem disease requiring a holistic approach. Prof Sanyal, USA,  makes the point that NASH is part of a multi-system disorder and also presents the key concepts related to management, including risk stratification. An important learning is not to miss opportunities of early identification of patients at risks to improve the patients’ journey.

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Prof. Arun Sanyal

Learn from the expertise of Professor Arun Sanyal, a distinguished hepatologist and professor of medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. Discover his valuable insights on NASH and liver fibrosis through his video contributions to PanNash.


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