Clinical Data Warehouse : definitions and use cases

Prof. Stéfan Darmoni, France, discusses the clinical data warehouses (CDW) where he explains its definitions and various use cases.
74- Prof. Stéfan Darmoni France.

Prof. Stéfan Darmoni, France, makes a detailed explanation on Hospital Information System and discusses the HDW objectives while reviewing the HDW objectives in clinical research. Prof. Stéfan, then makes a detailed review on the CDW state of the art where he discusses various tools such as ehop, Dr Warehouse, ConSoRe, and EDSaN. For the clinicians, he presents the big data derived from the Rouen University Hospital Clinical Data Warehouse and makes a demo on the EDSaN platform and discusses some of the use cases.

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Prof. Stéfan Darmoni



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