calanderBy Prof. François Dufourcalander10 March 2022
Cancers and NASH

Dr. Jean-François Dufour (Switzerland) reviews the association between cancers and NASH, where he highlights the causes of death in NAFLD patients, in which cardiovascular diseases and non-liver cancer with 38.3% and 18.7% are identified as some of the major causes. He then discusses NAFLD and cancer incidence rates by presenting the retrospective Korean study in 25,947 individuals conducted over an average period of 7.5 years and also reviews on the types of cancer that is associated with NAFLD. He also explains the interaction between NAFLD and breast cancer recurrence after curative surgery. Dr. Jean-François then discusses a retrospective cohort study on how bariatric surgery is associated with significant risk reduction for colorectal, pancreatic, endometrial, thyroid cancer, HCC and multiple myeloma. He also reviews various treatment options of HCC. Finally he presents the findings of efficacy of ICPIs in 3 Phase 3 RCTs and the retrospective cohort of efficacy of ICPIs in 130 cases with HCC.