Prof Sven Francque, Belgium, shares highlights from a recent paper in Nature reviews. PPARs regulate metabolism, inflammation and fibrosis, all of which determine NASH progression. Both PPARα-β/δ dual agonism as well as PPARγ agonism have shown beneficial effects on liver histology in phase IIb clinical trials for NASH.
Prof. Abdelmalek, USA and Prof Francque, Belgium discuss key issues related to the treatment of NASH and main learnings in 2020. This dialogue reviews which treatment to use and in whom. It also focuses on PPAR’s, their mode of action and the main results of the NATIVE clinical trial published in 2020.
Prof. Sacks, USA discusses the available data on the PPAR gamma agonist - Pioglitazone. His analysis is based on the PROACTIVE and IRIS (Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack) studies.
Prof Roden, Germany explains why PPAR’s are interesting therapeutic targets not only to improve adipose tissue function but also for the liver. The approach can go beyond the improvement of liver function and aim at a more systemic approach with cardiovascular benefits.